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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your third molars located in the back of your mouth are referred to as your wisdom teeth. Usually, you get these teeth in your late teens or early 20s however not everyone grows all their wisdom teeth. Don’t worry, wisdom teeth are not where your intelligence comes from.
Are your wisdom teeth growing in with pain and discomfort? We want to help you. Wisdom tooth extraction avoids further issues you may experience with them and can prevent this pain from happening all together. The following problems are reasons this procedure is important.

Problems Arising When Wisdom Teeth Come In


Wisdom teeth may only break part way through your gums causing a flap of gum tissue growth over these teeth where germs and food get stuck and create swollen, red and painful gums leading to infection.


Your wisdom teeth may not break through your gums at all occurring in an infection, damage to other bone and teeth or a cyst.


Wisdom teeth can come in at an inconveniently weird angle with the top tooth facing backward, forward or sideways.


Your mouth may be too small for your wisdom teeth and they will be unable to break through your gums.
Removal of your wisdom teeth can be done under local freezing. Usually, if all your wisdom teeth are being removed at the same time, a sedation option is recommended so you will be unaware of any discomfort during the process. 

Your dentist at Stoney Trail Dental is extremely careful to avoid damaging the surrounding teeth or bone when removing your molars. Immediately after the procedure a small piece of sterilized gauze is placed over the zone for about 15-20 minutes to prevent bleeding.
Sedation Options

Additional Recovery Aids

  • Periodically biting gently on gauze and changing it every time it becomes blood soaked
  • Avoid sucking on a straw as this can loosen blood clotting and delay healing
  • Eat soft foods
  • Stay away from touching or rubbing the area
  • Prop your head up with pillows
  • Place an ice pack on the outside of your cheek during the first 24 hours for 15-20 minutes at a time
  • Use moist heat for the following 2-3 days
  • Avoid strenuous activity such as exercise
  • After a 24-hour period, rinse with warm salt water several times a day

After Surgery Care

After your extraction, it is crucial to avoid brushing your teeth for 24 hours. On the second day, we want you to start gently brushing around the extractions and continue this for the remainder of time. You should not drive, drink alcohol or operate machinery after your oral surgery therefore we tell you to ensure someone is there for you before and after the surgery. All bleeding should stop after 24 hours but if this continues come to our office and we will check up on you.
Call Us: 403.248.2948Aftercare Instructions
We suggest you get your wisdom teeth taken out in your late teens or early 20s. This stage in life allows for simpler removal and recovery. 

15-25 years of age are when most wisdom tooth problems occur. To have the best oral health possible and avoid any deeply negative issues that could arise in the future, we provide these procedures for your ultimate comfort.
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