General Dentistry & Preventative Care

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General Dentistry 
& Preventative Care

Our team at Stoney Trail Dental is here to help you get the smile you have been longing for. We offer a wide variety of general and preventative services for your oral health. Our friendly dentists and staff are always ready to help you with all your dental needs, from dental exams to bridges or crowns, and everything in between.
We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide so you know you are getting affordable dentist services at the suggested rate as outlined in the Alberta guide.

Dental Sedation

Are you nervous about getting a dental treatment? If so, we have sedation options so you feel that ultimate comfort while we work on your teeth. 

Some procedures such as drilling can be bothersome to your nerves but with sedatives, you can relax in the dentist chair. To help reduce your anxiety we offer laughing gas, oral sedation and IV sedatives easing the scary feelings you may have about coming for treatment.
Dental Sedation Services

Oral Exams

An oral exam is recommended every 6 months to 1 year so we can check on any issues your teeth may have such as cavities or decay spots. 

We ask you a series of questions so we can zero in on the proper way to help your personal dental situation. An important step in this examination is the use of x-rays that allow us to visually see zones normally hidden from our eyes. 

A dental exam is the key to correcting issues we may find during your dentist appointment. Do you want a teeth whitening? We offer FREE teeth whitening with any oral exam.
Oral Exams Services

Dental Cleaning

Do you want to lessen dental risks, have great oral health and feel relaxed at the dentist? Come to Stoney Trail Dental where we examine, professionally brush and floss your teeth and gums giving you that fresh feel and look. 

Cleaning means a FREE teeth whitening because at our dentist office we want you to have the best, clean and bright teeth possible. Any adult can sign up for a free whitening with their dental cleaning.
Dental Cleaning Services

Family Dental

At Stoney Trail Dental we accommodate your lifestyle by opening 7 days a week, ready to serve you no matter what day of the week you can come in. If you just can’t get a babysitter to care for your child during your crucial dentist appointment or need a family booking, we give you a solution for your needs whether you need a back to back bookings or all in one family care. 

We are here to help you and to treat your entire family with professional dentist appointments.
Family Dental Services

Children's Dentistry

Do you want to ensure you are taking care of your child’s teeth appropriately? We have the knowledge and skill to take care of your child’s oral well-being and will help you uncover the correct way to get those baby teeth clean. 

Your child’s oral health is dependent on how they brush and floss their teeth from a young age.
Children's Dentistry Services

Mouth Guards

If you play sports or are just prone to accidents, we want to protect your teeth from injuries. At Stoney Trail Dental, there are several mouth guard options for you. Once you have a guard, we let you know how to keep it clean so that your oral future is bright.
Mouth Guards Services

Oral Cancer Screening

Vitally important, is our oral cancer screening, where we discover signs and symptoms of the disease early on to help you avoid issues that could possibly lead to death. 

We can treat you for some types of cancerous cells or may refer you to a special doctor in this field. Your dentist is often the first to notice oral cancers therefore we recommend you get an oral cancer screening every year, starting when you are 18 years old.
Oral Cancer Screenings

Root Canal Therapy

Were you told that root canals are painful procedures? This is far from the truth because root canal therapy is, in fact, painless. This treatment gets rid of the discomfort you feel as a result of infected or inflamed pulp, sometimes known as your soft tissue. 

Your dentist may recommend a root canal if you have a faulty crown, a chipped or cracked tooth, deep decay or have had repeated dental procedures on a particular tooth. Come in to Stoney Trail Dental today for relief from that pain in your tooth.
Root Canal Therapy

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease progressively attacks your gums and the supporting bone of your teeth, often times without your knowledge. The many forms of this attack are gingivitis, chronic periodontal disease, aggressive periodontal disease and periodontal disease relating to systemic conditions. 

Our staff at Stoney Trail Dental are trained to see signs and causes of periodontal disease and will offer treatment options on a case by case basis.
Periodontal Treatment Services

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Your wisdom teeth are the third molars in the back of your mouth. These molars can grow in painfully and uncomfortably. Extraction of these molars helps you avoid issues such as limited space to grow or if the tooth cuts only half way through your gums. 

We want your mouth to be happy so we recommend having your wisdom teeth assessed as soon as they begin development.
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Bad Breath Care

Halitosis, or bad breath can ruin a perfectly good day if others notice an unpleasant stench coming from your mouth. We want you to avoid embarrassment and get fresh breath stat. With our help, you can breathe easy knowing that your breath is fresh and charming, just like your smile.
Bad Breath Care Services

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

A hole in your tooth can be bothersome and look out of kilter. We can fill this space for you with a natural looking filling that matches the rest of your teeth. Filling holes in your teeth means there is less chance of food getting imbedded deep down inside the root.
Fillings Services


Preventing cavities is one of our essential treatments. We use sealants to steer food particles away from those fidgety zones where everything seems to get stuck. 

Seal away your dental issues and get a sealant treatment today.
Sealants Services

Dental Cavities

We want you to avoid cavities, so we fill you in on preventative measures you can take to help prevent the decay of your teeth. If a cavity does pop up in your mouth, we proceed with a filling, crown or root canal, depending on your particular circumstance.
Dental Cavities Solutions


Whether you need braces, a retainer or have painful jaws, your dentist has options to solve these issues for you. Our orthodontic specialists will help align your teeth and provide you with relief.
Orthodontic Services

Why Choose Stoney Trail Dental For Your General Dentistry?

With customized treatments, your dentist at Stoney Trail Dental offers services that are right for your individual mouth structure. Let us keep your oral health in shape.

Each of our services are effective and efficient, leaving you smiling brighter each and every day ahead.
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