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Children's Dentistry

As a team of professionals at Stoney Trail Dental, we want you to be fully aware of how to take care of your child’s teeth. Oral health is vital no matter how old your kids are so it is important to have your child visit a dentist starting from a young age.
Make sure you clean your child’s teeth even before they have any. How? A damp cloth or soft baby brush can be used to brush your baby’s gums and teeth. Wrap that cloth around your finger to get a good grip and gently clean your little one’s mouth. Children are unable to properly brush their teeth until they are 3 years old so you will have to do this for them. Help your children with their oral hygiene until they reach 8 years old so you can ensure they have a healthy smile.

My Infant’s Teeth

Put your baby in a comfortable position and make sure you can see inside their mouth before you begin brushing. Steer clear from using toothpaste until your little one is old enough to spit it out. You don’t want your baby ingesting the paste because this could make them ill.  

If your little one has any sort of dental issue, we will let you know during an examination. If your child has tooth decay, fluoride toothpaste may be used in a grain size portion but as a general rule, toothpaste should be avoided until at least the age of 3. When your child is between 3-6 years old, he/she can use a pea-size amount of toothpaste containing fluoride. Take extra care to make sure your child spits out the entirety of this paste and rinses thoroughly to avoid ingesting the toothpaste.
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Want an Easy Way to Floss Your Child’s Teeth? 
Follow these Steps…


Take the floss and make sure it is as long as your child’s arm.


Wrap it around your middle finger with 2 inches gap between your hands.


Guide the floss with your index finger to get in the cracks and crevices and do so in the shape of a C.


Wipe your little one’s tooth 2-3 times or until clean while moving from bottom to top.


Change the floss portion to a clean section when moving from tooth to tooth.

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You are done, and your child’s mouth will feel and look cleaner! Make sure your child’s teeth get brushed right before they head to bed.

 Why? Saliva keeps our mouths clean but children have less saliva production in their little mouths than adults during sleep. Brushing right before bed is that extra step to help them have a super clean oral cavity.

Get a new toothbrush for your child at least every 3-4 months to avoid a buildup of germs and bacteria that remain in the bristles over long periods. We will give your child a new toothbrush and some floss to keep up a healthy oral routine at home. Do you want to know what else will help keep your child’s teeth clean? Eating and drinking healthy food. Keep your child away from a cavity ridden mouth and an excess amount of dentist visits by monitoring their eating habits. 

Healthy eating is another key to oral hygiene. Limiting sugary drinks and keeping snacking down to only 2-3 times a day will aid in keeping you and your children away from cavities and trips to the dentist.
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