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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dentistry is focused on your appearance but can improve your oral functionality as well. We want you feel confident and have excellent oral health. Smile for that professional photo or go on that hot date because you have just enhanced the look of your teeth through professional whitening or gotten those veneers you wanted. 
We are here to make you look and feel ready for anything.

Porcelain Veneers

Are your teeth misshapen or dis-coloured? Do you want to correct these concerns? Veneers are porcelain faces that align and alter the colour of your teeth. Our veneers give you a natural look and can be used to correct other issues such as cracked or chipped teeth. 

Your Stoney Trail Dentist can provide veneers giving you an aesthetically pleasing smile for years to come.
Porcelain Veneers Services

Teeth Whitening

Come in to Stoney Trail Dental for a professional teeth whitening that is completely painless and safe. We want you to smile bright and after our treatment, you will notice your whiter teeth immediately. Watch the full effects take place after a few days. 

We offer a FREE whitening with any cleaning or oral exam for all our adult patients! Smile! It’s time for a photoshoot.
Some conditions apply. Learn More.Teeth Whitening Services

Gum Contouring

Within a short amount of time in our dentist chair, you can have that ideal gum line you have been waiting for. 

Our gum contouring process aligns your crooked gums and if we notice any gum recession, we can take extra time to carefully graft tissue, correcting the problem, giving you a healthy gum line.
Gum Contouring Services

Composite Bonding

Our careful application of specially prepared resin for your teeth assists us in repairing any fractures, chippage, decay, dis-colouration or gaps. Sometimes we even use this tooth coloured material in place of fillings. We are here to make sure your teeth are protected from harm.
Composite Bonding Services

Bone Grafting

Jawbone loss can result from tooth loss. We want to prevent and stop this from occurring because it leads to decreased gum tissue and possible bone loss. Losing your teeth is detrimental to your oral health. 

We offer little, medium, big and sinus lifting bone grafts, depending on the severity of your circumstance. After treatments of this type, it is important to come back to us every 6 months in order for us to monitor your healing and ensure everything is working as it should.
Bone Grafting Services
Look and feel your best by coming in for a cosmetic procedure at Stoney Trail Dental today.
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