Stoney Trail Dental Pricing

At Stoney Trail Dental, our payment process is accessible, affordable and friendly. We offer direct insurance billing, provide payment plans and follow the  Alberta Dental Fee Guide making dental costs the same across the entire province, for every dentist that follows this guide. We are not required to follow this guide but do so to give you professional quality service at the recommended rates.

Stop waiting to book your dentist appointment!

You don’t want your teeth and gums to become more painful. If you are without a credit card, it’s ok because in addition to taking major credit cards, we accept cash and money orders.
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We make your experience
 work for you!

Payment is expected at the time services are performed but if you require extensive work at the dentist, call us to talk about financial arrangements.

Did You Know?

We Offer Financing

Learn More About Our Financing Options.  Do you find it difficult to pay your dental bill? Are you without full dental insurance coverage? We offer financing through paybright to make your dentist appointment affordable.
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