Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

The silent disease, periodontal disease can creep up on you without notice because you may not feel any pain. It gets worse as time goes on if left without treatment. Periodontal disease attacks the supporting bone of your teeth and gums and can lead to some serious dental problems. Soft gum tissues are destroyed from plaque toxins as they cause irritation and inflammation between your teeth and gums. You could see a recession of your gums and if bone support deteriorates, your teeth might become loose and fall out.

Forms of Periodontal Disease

1. Gingivitis:

The early stages of this disease; caused by a bacterial tissue infection where gums recede and your teeth and gums become sensitive. As this disease progresses, it can lend itself to chronic periodontal disease.

2. Chronic Periodontal Disease:

This is the most commonly occurring type of periodontal disease, causing your gums to recede. An excessive amount of plaque causes chronic inflammation of your periodontal tissues.

3. Aggressive Periodontal Disease:

Pretty much identical to chronic periodontal disease but it happens much quicker. If you smoke or have a family history of this type of disease then you are more likely to have this aggressive form

4. Periodontal Disease Relating to Systemic Conditions:

If you have a disease affecting the rest of your body then this is when you could be at higher risk of this kind of periodontal disease. Your periodontal disease will move at an accelerated rate and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Usual cofactors for this type of periodontal disease are diabetes, respiratory disease, and heart disease.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

  • Regular bleeding of the gums
  • Foul breath
  • Inflamed, sensitive, or swollen gums
  • Teeth that are loose or have moved

Causes of Periodontal Disease

  • Bad dental hygiene
  • Medical problems and diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure
  • Saliva issues that cause things like dry mouth
  • Puberty, pregnancy and other hormonal changes
  • Bad habits like tooth grinding

Treatments for Periodontal Disease

  • Regularly getting a professional cleaning of your teeth
  • Root planing and deep scaling
  • Medicated mouthwash
  • Antibiotics to treat bacteria in your mouth
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Advanced Treatments for Chronic, Aggressive Periodontal Disease and Periodontal Disease Relating to Systemic Conditions


Tissue regeneration – the process to assist in bone regeneration


Laser therapy to reduce your oral pocket


Pocket Elimination Surgery – prevents bacteria from growing back
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Make sure you control your plaque to avoid periodontal disease. Take away plaque through a brushing and flossing routine combined with a good mouthwash. It is extremely important to visit your dentist at least twice a year to keep the disease at bay.

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