Orthodontic Services

If you have irregularities in your oral cavity that require retainers or braces, you will need to get orthodontic work done. Orthodontics aligns your jaw and teeth for an optimal smile. At Stoney Trail Dental, we make sure to be informed about all your health situations both past and current to devise a plan for proper treatment of any issues you may have with your oral health. Before any work can begin, your dentist will require a full examination of your teeth and jaw, and take x-rays and impressions of your teeth.

You may experience some pressure and discomfort on your teeth following your orthodontic appointment. Please ensure to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your dentist. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 403-248-4230.

Braces Options

Braces are an orthodontic device that corrects misaligned teeth through continuous pressure. This pressure helps move your teeth, changing their alignment within your jaw. Your dentist will examine your teeth to determine which components of braces you require.
After your braces are removed you will notice a vast difference in the alignment of your teeth.

Parts of Regular Braces


Little metal squares that attach to the front of your teeth where the arch-wires attach. These hold the braces in place.


Orthodontic Bands
Think of these as a blanket for every tooth, anchoring the brackets in place.


Make a small gap in between your teeth before you are given bands for your braces.


Arch wires
Wires that are a guide for the movement of your teeth.


Attaching the arch-wires to the brackets, these are small rubber rings or skinny wires.


Bucal Tubes
Holds the arch-wire ends in place.


Small Elastic Bands or Ligatures
Makes the arch-wires stay on the brackets.


Might be placed in between the brackets and on the arch-wires to pull, open, close, or push space between your teeth.

*You might need headgear tubes positioned on your upper teeth. These tubes keep your teeth and face-bow (a tool that moves your upper molars back in your mouth, creates places for your crowded teeth, and fixed bite discrepancies) in the right spot.
Elastics or Rubber Bands


Worn in many ways between your lower and upper teeth and connected to hooks on brackets. These bands help move your upper and lower teeth adjacent to each other through continuous pressure. These bands help your dentist get the ideal fit for your teeth. 

*Note that you can get a new type of braces – mini braces! Mini braces are like they sound, smaller braces. Your dentist might suggest this style of braces but it all depends on your circumstance.
Guess What? We have newer mini braces! These braces are smaller and your dentist may recommended them after determining your personal needs.
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Invisalign® is an additional style of braces that could work for you. Do you have less severe teeth crowding? Invisalign® provides you with a natural look because these braces are invisible to the eye and can even be removed. Check with your dentist to see if these braces are a fit for you.
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