Oral Cancer Screening

Oral Cancer Screening

One of the most serious health issues in the dental world is oral cancer. If discovered at a late stage, it can result in extreme problems and even death. A positive is that oral cancer screenings can be done at Stoney Trail dental to catch this issue before it spreads; if caught in time your dentist could save your life. 

How do we detect the presence of oral cancer? We know how to see and feel tissue changes that are a precursor to oral cancer. Book a dentist appointment for an oral cancer screening to ensure you stay healthy and happy.


  • Your cheeks may feel unusually thick
  • Lip or mouth sores that last without reduction
  • Development of a lump or series of lumps on your neck, throat, mouth, or lip
  • A hard time chewing, swallowing, and moving your tongue or jaws

 Contributors of Oral Cancer

  • More common over the age of 39
  • Extensively long sun exposure
  • Low fruit and vegetable diet
  • Lots of tobacco and alcohol use
  • HPV infection
It only takes a few minutes to come for an oral cancer screening so why not make an appointment with Stoney Trail Dental today?

Process for 
Oral Cancer Screening


We complete a full observation of your neck, head, and face to discover if there is any asymmetry or changes to your skin. Some of these skin changes can be crusts, growths, colour change, or fissuring. During the screening, we will look for lymph node enlargement as well.


Next, your dentist will perform a multi-step systematic assessment to take a closer look at your tongue, floor of your mouth, lips, and soft/hard palates. These exams are known as intraoral soft tissue and perioral exams.


If signs of cancer or precancerous lesions are present, then you will be booked in for another appointment shortly after the initial screening. 

The next visit is where we look to see if your issue has grown, stayed the same or changed in any way. You might be required to have a biopsy in certain regions to gather sample cells that can be tested for cancer. Your dentist might perform the biopsy or you may be referred to a doctor specializing in oral cancer issues.
You should get an oral cancer screening when you turn 18 and come back for one every year.
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Ways to Prevent 
Oral Cancer

  • Take care of your oral cavity by flossing and brushing routinely
  • Regular dental appointments
  • Do a self-exam at least every month
  • Exercise regularly
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How Do I Conduct My Self-Exam?

In the mirror, look at the sides and back of your tongue. You are checking for lumps, tender areas, red, grey, or white patches, and bumps.
Get your oral cancer screening at Stoney Trail’s central location, in Southeast Calgary, just a few minutes from Stoney Trail. There are many recognizable spots close to us such as Smitty’s Restaurant. Check the map to find our exact location. Let us take care of your teeth, no matter where you reside.
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