Sealant Treatment

Sealants are helpful dental accessories that prevent cavities and keep your teeth healthy.
They create a barrier from food particles getting stuck in the crevices of your molars. Sealants are great for anyone as soon as your molars start rolling in. 
At Stoney Trail Dental, we recommend children and teens starting at age 6 get sealants. It is also a good idea for adults who have no cavities or fillings to use sealants.
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A clear, mostly white but slightly tinted colour is put on your pre-molars or molars when the sealant is applied. There are two styles of sealants. Your dentist at Stoney Trail Dental will decide which option is best for your teeth.

Sealants and their Properties

1. Glass Ionomer Sealants (a type of white filling)

  • Highest fluoride
  • The reaction is acid-based
  • White in colour
  • Not as susceptible to shrinking
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2. Composite Resin Sealants (a form of white filling)

  • Minimal fluoride release
  • A resin dentin bonding
  • Shrink during the setting process
  • Less expansion compared to Glass Ionomer
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Dental sealants take very little time to apply so why not book an appointment to help protect your teeth from bacteria and decay? Call Stoney Trail Dental for a fast and easy process to keep you or your child’s teeth safe.
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