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We want you to be healthy with positive dental hygiene and a great smile. Do you have teeth or gum issues? All you have to do is call to get booked in so your dentist can treat your needs.
Compassionate Care For The Smile You Deserve

Patient Forms

Fill out our new patient forms online or you can do so in person if you prefer. The information you give us in these forms allow us to get to know you so we can treat your oral health in a personalized manner.
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Direct Billing to Insurance

If you have dental insurance coverage, we take care of the administrative tasks for you by directly billing the insurance company you are covered with. By giving us your insurance name and policy number we are able to submit your claim directly. 

We work with you to ensure your dental coverage helps keep those dollars in your bank account and the dentist gets the work done efficiently and effectively for you.
Direct Billing Information


We keep our prices in accordance with the suggested rate for Alberta dentistry services by following the  Alberta Dental Fee Guide. Our rates are in conjunction with the suggested costs listed in this guide. With us, you get quality dentist service without an excessive amount of fees. 

Stoney Trail Dental makes your dental problems our primary concern so we can help solve them for you. Not every dentist office aligns with the fee guide but we choose to follow it giving you top dentist services that fit your lifestyle and budget.
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Did You Know?

We Offer Financing

Learn More About Our Financing Options.  Do you find it difficult to pay your dental bill? Are you without full dental insurance coverage? We offer financing through paybright to make your dentist appointment affordable.
Your appointment at Stoney Trail Dental is anything but mundane. We make sure your dentist helps you get that perfect smile in a friendly, relaxed environment!
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