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Dental exams for oral health

Oral Exams, also known as dental exams are common treatments that we recommend about every 6 months to a year. These exams are important for maintaining overall oral health. Some of the things your Stoney Trail dentist will look for during this process are cavities, teeth positioning and missing, decayed or damaged teeth.

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We will visually inspect your mouth and inquire about your medical history. It is important that we examine your neck area for inflammation because this could indicate health problems like oral cancer. Our process is thorough because we want you to be at your healthiest while making sure nothing is missed. Questions before an oral exam will be more detailed the first time around because we are getting to know you as a patient.


The dentist may require X-Rays depending on your dental situation. The images gathered help us by showing if you have impacted wisdom teeth, fractures, decay under the gum line, bone loss caused by gum disease or cavities under existing fillings.


We will check the floor of your mouth, your palate and tongue to make sure they are clear of inflammation and bleeding.


You can plan on being at the dentist for about an hour for an exam. We may ask you to come back to check the healing and progress of certain treatments. Stoney Trail Dental recommends that dental examinations for children begin at 12 months old. Remember, if you no longer have natural teeth it is still important to consult the dentist to keep up your oral health and check if you need replacement teeth.


A dental impression may be needed. Do you know what a dental impression is? It is a process where we create a replica of your oral tissue and teeth. This service is done to evaluate your bite and make a mouthguard or bleaching trays. Custom fitted mouth guards last longer than over the counter products you can purchase. Dental impressions will be custom fit to your teeth. A horseshoe shaped tray with a soft gelatine like material is positioned over your upper/lower teeth. We may also need to record and evaluate your bite by asking you to clamp down on a soft material with your mouth.

Nervous about your upcoming
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Fear not because our oral exams let you smile brighter knowing your teeth are in great shape. Come to Stoney Trail Dental today where we are taking on new patients. 
Get that oral exam that you have been putting off by booking your first dentist appointment now.
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