Oral Exams

Dental exams for oral health

Your dentist recommends you have an oral exam at least twice a year. Common things your dentist will identify during an exam are teeth positioning, cavities, and damage. Also identified during an exam are decayed or missing teeth.

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We take the time to visually inspect your teeth and gums. It is important for us to go over your medical history and examine other areas related to your oral cavity. Oral cancer can be found during an oral exam. Detailed exams ensure nothing is missed.


The dentist may require X-rays, depending on your dental situation. The images gathered help us by showing if you have impacted wisdom teeth, fractures, decay under the gum line, bone loss caused by gum disease, or cavities under existing fillings.


We will check the floor of your mouth, your palate and tongue to make sure they are clear of inflammation and bleeding.


How long might a dental exam take? Typically, 1 hour but you may have to return to complete certain treatments. We recommend your children get examinations starting from 12 months old. If your natural teeth are gone then it is still essential for you to visit the dentist to keep up on your oral health. Let us help you keep your teeth healthy or get fitted for new teeth if required. The results will be a luxurious smile.


A dental impression might be needed to assist in some of the treatments. What is a dental impression and why do you need one? A dental impression is a procedure where we replicate your teeth and oral tissue so your bite can be evaluated, a mouthguard made, or custom bleaching trays created. How is this done? A tray shaped like a horseshoe is inserted with soft gelatine like material and placed over your lower/upper teeth. You will likely be asked to clamp down on a soft material to record your bite level.

Are you nervous about how your smile will look in pictures?

Take this worry away and come visit Stoney Trail Dental for the optimum photo-ready grin. We are taking new patients so get that oral exam that you have been procrastinating and start smiling with confidence.

Get that oral exam that you have been putting off by booking your first dentist appointment now.
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