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Gum Contouring

Does it feel like your gums show too much when you talk and smile? Are you worried about your receding gum line? Stoney Trail Dental helps relax your mind and fix these problems for you. Our gum contouring procedures may be what you need.
Gum contouring helps fight tooth decay by eliminating zones where bacteria can hole up.

Gum Lift at Stoney Trail Dental

A gum lift releases your smile into a proportionate grin. At Stoney Trail Dental, we want you to be absolutely comfortable by providing a local anesthetic on your gums to numb them during the process.

This process even aligns crooked gums. If we notice your gums are receding, we can graft tissue from another spot in your mouth to place over the receding zone. This treatment requires extra time and is analyzed on a case per case basis.
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What to expect after your treatment?

Once you have had gum contouring, rinse with warm salt water and consume soft and cool foods like cheese and eggs to help you recover even quicker. 

Use a soft bristle brush twice a day, floss gently and avoid extremely spicy, cold, hot or seedy foods for a fluid healing process.

Gum tissue is unable to re-grow so gum contouring is a permanent procedure. After a gum contouring treatment, you will be proud to show off those beautiful gums with a charming smile.
Aftercare Instructions
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