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Teeth Whitening

One of our most popular treatments is whitening your teeth. Professional teeth whitening puts a smile on your face and boosts your self-confidence with your enhanced appearance. This treatment is pain free and completely safe.
Stoney Trail Dental offers free whitening with any dental exam and cleaning so go ahead, ask us about it today.
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What to expect after your treatment?

Results of teeth whitening will be seen immediately but the full effects will not take place until a few days later. Some sensitivity can occur after the whitening, lasting 24-48 hours but if it is experienced longer come back to our office. A sensitivity toothpaste is a good way to ease this pain.

A home whitening routine is critical for the aesthetics to continue. Products on the market include trays, brush on whiteners and strips. These over the counter products will not provide as great of a shade change because of their lower levels of peroxide concentrations but, will help maintain your white teeth until your next professional whitening. 

You will need to come back to Stoney Trail Dental in order to keep your bright smile.
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Venus Pro Whitening Kit 

At Stoney Trail Dental, we offer free Venus White Pro Whitening Gel Home Kits with any new appointment, dental cleaning or oral exam. Please see the below instructions. If you any questions or concerns, please ensure you contact us at 403-248-2948. 
Venus Pro Whitening Instructions

Free Teeth Whitening - Terms and Conditions

We offer free teeth whitening take home kits. Conditions include, but are not limited to having a complete check up to assess the health of your teeth and gums. Additionally, an exam, appropriately recommended radiographs, scaling, polish and fluoride must be completed before whitening tray impressions are taken.
Have questions? Please contact us at 403-248-2948
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