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Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, better known as TMJ, is the disorder that causes painful joints on either side of your jaw where the jawbone attaches to the skull. When you feel pain in the jaw bone or muscles controlling your jaw movement, you could have TMJ and our friendly professional team at Stoney Trail Dental is able to provide treatment.

TMJ may occur from a combination of genetics, jaw injury, clenching and grinding of your teeth or arthritis.
Usually, this joint dysfunction occurs when the structure of your jaw is damaged or falls out of position, causing a clicking sound or grating sensation when opening your mouth or chewing.

Signs of TMJ

  • Pain or tenderness in your jaw
  • Pain in one or both of your temporomandibular joints
  • Aching pain in or around your ear
  • Difficulty or pain chewing
  • Aching facial pain
  • Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
Let Stoney Trail Dental treat your TMJ as soon as possible to help you avoid further suffering.
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Treatment Options

  • Moist heat application
  • Training or counselling to help eliminate stress
  • A bite plate or splint, an appliance that goes over your upper teeth keeping them from grinding against your lower teeth
  • Meditation
  • Eat softer foods
  • Muscle relaxants, aspirin, over the counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Avoid chewing gum and biting your nails
If these treatments are unsuccessful or TMJ treatments are left for a lengthy period of time, then surgery may be required on your jaw joint. We don’t want you to get to this point so let us stop the pain before it become even more brutal.
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