TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is most often caused by the displacement of the cartilage disc connecting the bones in your jaw. TMJ can be extremely painful when performing everyday tasks such as eating and speaking. What to know if you have TMJ? Come to Stoney Trail Dental where we can assess your jaw to determine if you need treatment for this type of dysfunction. You don’t have to live with the pain, there are treatments to help.
Several things can cause TMJ such as an injury to your jaw, continual grinding of your teeth, arthritis and even genetics. 

You may notice a clicking feeling or sound and experience a grinding feeling in your jaw around the base of your lower earlobe. These signs should not be ignored as TMJ can worsen over time. What you may think is an earache could actually be caused by TMJ.

Signs of TMJ

  • Pain in your jaw while yawning, eating or speaking
  • Earaches in one or both ears for no apparent reason
  • Major discomfort in the area where your jaw is hinged
  • A hard time chewing food without experiencing pain
  • Pain in your facial region
  • A stiff feeling when opening/closing your mouth
Stoney Trail Dental offers treatments for TMJ to help you rid yourself of the pain and discomfort.
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Treatment Options

  • Therapy to help reduce stress
  • Application of a warm moist towel to help alleviate pain
  • Appliances such as bite plates or splints can prevent your upper and lower teeth from grinding
  • Various relaxation therapies such as meditation or yoga
  • Be conscious to consume foods that don’t require major grinding
  • Over the counter pain relievers including aspirin and anti-inflammatories
  • No gum chewing or nail-biting
When the pain gets unbearable or if treatment options are unsuccessful, surgery may be your only option to ease the discomfort caused by TMJ. Before you get to this stage, come visit our professionals at Stoney Trail Dental to help discover a therapy that will work for you. Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms of TMJ, it can be treated.
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