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Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are typically used on children because they are necessary when baby teeth are lost pre-maturely or permanent teeth come in late. These maintainers support your child’s mouth until the spaces are filled with their permanent teeth. Treatment ensures the development of these teeth in the right spots.

Adults are provided with space maintainers when there is tooth loss. Using the maintainer allows the empty space to be kept open for a suitable replacement. If the space is not maintained, it is difficult for us to put in a replacement tooth.

Children's Treatments

If your child’s primary tooth is gone for more than a short period of time, their loose teeth can enter into spaces reserved for other teeth. The shifting of other teeth affects the eruption of permanent teeth into the correct location. With no other place to go, these teeth head into incorrect spots.
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Types of Space Maintainers

Removable and fixed space maintainers are available: 

Removable Maintainers

Removable maintainers are made with acrylic. When we place a removable maintainer in your child’s mouth, we use blocks of dental material or artificial teeth to keep the spots open. If your little one has several missing teeth then partial dentures are a good option for a removable maintainer. We suggest this type of maintainer for older children since it requires caring, removing and cleaning.


A fixed maintainer is attached to neighbouring teeth. The maintainer is attached with dental cement to the teeth beside the gap to hold open the space for a new tooth. A lingual arch wire can be used if there is no back tooth to attach to. This wire wraps around the other teeth to hold them in their locations. The maintainer is fit on the upper or lower jaw, keeping space for back or front teeth.

We offer many different fixed maintainer options. Fixed appliances are custom made for you. We take an impression of your mouth and send it to the lab to manufacture the product. These types of maintainers are typically made from acrylic with loops or bands formed out of stainless steel wires holding them in place.

Types of Fixed Space Maintainers


Distal Shoe Appliance:
This appliance is fitted over your baby’s first molar maintaining space for the first permanent molar once the baby tooth is lost.


Band-And-Loop Device:
A stainless steel wire composition held in place with orthodontic bands allowing the permanent teeth to erupt without blockage. These are used when one or more baby molars are lost in the same dental arch.


Lingual Holding Arch:
This arch is attached to the molars keeping the space for the lower back teeth on both sides.


Transpalatal Arch:
Fitted on the molars of the upper jaw, it preserves space on both sides of the dental arch and is held in place by wire that is fastened around the adjoining teeth.
When a fixed space maintainer is placed in your mouth, you need to avoid chewy, sticky foods because these can cause shifting or the maintainer to completely fall out of your mouth.
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