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How to Know When You Need Emergency Dental

You are running to the goal with only 20 seconds left in the soccer game. This could be it, the shot giving your team the win. As you inch closer to the net and get ready to shoot, BAM, an opponent steals the ball from you but not before crashing into you so hard that your tooth pops out. Now what?

Emergency dental services are only a phone call away. Get your dentist on the phone and make sure you get that tooth fixed before further issues occur.

How do you know when you need emergency dental services? Can you wait to book a normal appointment when the dentist's office opens again for regular hours? If you experience trauma to your mouth causing bleeding, gum lacerations, dislodged or fractured teeth then you likely need immediate attention from a dentist. Check out these suggestions as a guideline for emergency dental services.

There are different levels of dental emergencies and Stoney Trail Dental wants you to be informed so you know what to expect in your situation.

High Priority – Emergency Dental Right Away

  • 1 or more of your teeth are knocked out or lost
  • At least one tooth of yours is extremely loose and ready to fall out any time
  • Significant bleeding that is not stopping
  • Pain so severe, painkillers do nothing to aid the situation
  • Lips, tongue or cheek wounds
  • Swelling affecting your eyes or throat. You struggle to swallow or breathe due to the swelling affecting your throat.

Do none of the above high priority emergencies apply to you? Are you still wondering if you should get your teeth examined? Check out the reasons to get to a dentist within the next day.

Medium Priority – Emergency Dental in 24 Hours

  • A large chunk of your tooth has broken off and is exposing internal structures
  • Infection or abscess
  • Severe toothache, bleeding or swelling soon after a recent dental treatment
  • A misaligned tooth
  • Brackets or parts of a dental appliance are creating an issue for opening and closing your mouth, or cutting into and damaging other parts of your mouth
  • Fractured or cracked teeth

You know something is wrong. There is no pain in your mouth but your tongue keeps checking out that rough spot on your back molar. You think you may have lost a filling. Here’s the checklist for low priority dental emergencies.

Low Priority – Emergency Dental in 24-72 Hours

  • Your teeth have sustained significant impact but there is no pain
  • A chipped tooth where a small portion is gone
  • Lost or loose dental fillings
  • Detached restoration of something like a crown or bridge
  • Detached or loose brace/orthodontic appliance

If your situation is not in this suggested list and you are unsure what to do, you can call Stoney Trail Dental. The professional staff will be happy to help you figure out when and what your individual situation requires. Emergency dentists are on call for your needs 24/7. Don’t wait too long to attend to trauma in your oral cavity.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a Registered Dentist on June 14, 2019

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