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How to lift your facial profile with dentures

Did you know that ‘denture face’ refers to the sagging look that can happen to your facial structure? When you get dentures, there is a shrinkage that can happen in your face. The good news is, you can avoid unsightly changes to your face by having dentures professionally fitted in your oral cavity from a dental clinic in Calgary’s SE. Dentures can actually improve the appearance of your face by replacing missing teeth and restoring lost function.

Avoid ill-fitted dentures

What causes dentures to be ill-fitted? Dentures can become ill-fitted over time as your jaw and gums change as a result of lost or pulled teeth. The denture can become loose or uneven causing it to fit improperly, irritating your mouth and resulting in sore spots.

Dentures can be re-fitted properly by simply visiting your walk-in dentist in Calgary’s SE. Walk-in dentists take patients on the spur of the moment instead of solely by appointment. This is a convenient way for you to receive treatment for your denture issues or other oral health care requirements. Re-fitting your dentures may simply require replacing the lining of your denture base. Your dentist will examine your oral cavity to determine the underlying cause of your ill-fitting dentures. If the situation is more complicated, your dentist may recommend alternative options like the use of stabilizing dental implants. When you visit your dentist, they will be able to inform you what the next steps are based on your situation.

Monitor the feel and look of your dentures to know if you need them to be adjusted for better comfort and function.

Healthy eating

As you age, your bones can get smaller, and the structure of your face can begin to sag. Healthy eating can keep your bones strong and lessen sagging. Just because you have implant-supported dentures doesn’t mean you should stop eating a balanced diet because it is difficult to chew. Chewing with dentures will become easier over time. Make sure you keep eating a well-balanced meal, including items like vegetables, fruits, and other unprocessed items. Healthy eating supports both your oral health and overall well-being.

Wear dentures more often

If you have removable dentures, then it is crucial you wear them for only about 5-6 hours a day. If you keep your dentures out for more time than this, you might be forfeiting the structure they are providing your gums and jaw. Be careful not to leave your dentures in all day and night either. Dentures in your mouth for long periods without being washed can lead to bacteria build-up and cause health issues.

Dentures can actually improve your confidence if you get them professionally fitted at your nearest dental clinic in Calgary’s SE. Check with your local dentist to see what kind of dentures are suited to your situation.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a Registered Dentist on July 22, 2021

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