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Going Out? Remember to Have These 4 Necessities for Your Oral Cavity

When you are going out for the night, you get your outfit ready, make sure you shower and smell fresh, and call a cab if you plan on drinking but what about necessities for your oral cavity? Did you remember to bring these? What are they?

Never leave your house without…


After consuming that large, scrumptious meal with your friends, you want to make sure your teeth are clean before heading to the next spot, for dancing. You are happy you brought some dental floss with you so off you go to the washroom to pick out the food stuck between your teeth.

 Also, check-

Dental floss makes your mouth feel fresher especially if it has a scent to it like mint or bubble gum. There is no leftover food flavour in your mouth and your breath smells that much better. Wow! Now, you really can see why your dentist recommends flossing your teeth once a day.

You are now ready to show off your smile at that cute guy/girl on the dance floor.


Did you order garlic toast and now smell the after-effects of eating it? This is a key reason why having mints handy is a good idea. You can freshen your breath with a simple pop off the top of the mint container. Fresh breath means you don’t have to fear to speak to someone in close proximity, worrying if they are sniffing all that garlic from inside your mouth.

Mints are a tasty delight that can help out on your night of festivities.


Consider bringing a bottle of water with you for your night out. Why? Water helps quench your thirst, so you won’t get dehydrated which is essential when you are dancing and drinking the night away. Water also helps to keep smelly breath away as it moistens a dry mouth. Dry mouths is often a key reason people have bad breath.

Do you need another reason to bring that water with you? Slosh it around in your mouth during a meal to help keep your teeth clean and aid in minimizing food particles from getting stuck in those gaps between your teeth.

Are you looking for a way to make water taste flavourful? Add a little bit of lemon or lime to it so you can get some oomph with your H2O.

Tiny Toothbrush

Though you don’t want to bring your regular toothbrush from home with you, you should bring a toothbrush on your journey. Think tiny house only tiny toothbrush. Pick up a tiny toothbrush from your local shopping market to take with you for your night out. It is lightweight and easy to slip into your purse or wallet. No one will even know you brushed your teeth after your meal when you sneak away to the washroom to get rid of the food stuck in between those gaps. This great oral hygiene tip will keep your oral cavity healthier, longer. Why wouldn’t you want a long-lasting healthy mouth?

A tiny toothbrush is like your little magic a wand that keeps your teeth clean while everyone else is left wondering why their teeth are still dirty.

Thankfully, you can get some of these tools from your dentist so you can prepare for your night out without spending a cent.



Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a Registered Dentist on March 9, 2020

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