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Debunking 3 Popular Dental Myths

Everywhere you look there is a story giving you dental advice, perhaps contradicting what you just read an hour ago. With so much information being thrown at you, it is hard to know what to believe.

Below are 3 popular dental myths debunked because we believe you should know the truth about your oral cavity.

1. Beneficial Charcoal Toothpaste

There is currently a trend encouraging people to use charcoal toothpaste to clean their teeth. The belief is that activated charcoal can get rid of stains, take away bad breath, and get rid of bacteria in your mouth but is this true? While activated charcoal is healthy for you and helps assist your kidneys to function properly, rubbing this abrasive substance on your teeth can damage your enamel.

You can use charcoal toothpaste once in a while for an added clean but it should not be used as a replacement of your regular fluoridated toothpaste. Why? The fluoride levels in regular toothpaste keep your teeth healthy by strengthening weak spots and preventing cavities. So, next time you see an advertisement claiming charcoal is the best thing for your teeth, maybe skip the black toothed smile and stick with your dentist’s recommended toothpaste.

2. Avoid the Dentist While Pregnant

Are you pregnant and avoiding the dentist because you think the products used on your teeth are unsafe for your unborn child? You actually need to get regular dental check-ups to monitor your dental cavity because pregnancy hormones change the way your gums and teeth act. You might become more prone to periodontal disease during pregnancy, so your dentist will monitor signs and can deal with any issue before it progresses.

Make sure your dentist knows you are pregnant so they can alter certain treatments for the protection of yourself and your baby. Having healthy teeth will help your body stay healthy. Coming to the dentist it is benefiting your child too.

3. Root Canals Are Painful

Ouch! You need to get a root canal. You might be freaking out about the pain you will have to endure during this procedure but root canals are quite a painless treatment. The pain comes from the problem, not the procedure itself. The dentists at Stoney Trail Dental have all the specialized tools and anesthetics needed for a comfortable root canal. Root canals solve the problem caused by deep decay and inflammation, allowing you to keep your precious teeth.

Remember, your dentist is here to provide you with quality oral care for a healthy and hygienic oral future. Remember, when you want the truth, ask your Stoney Trail dentist for information at your next dentist appointment.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a Registered Dentist on September 18, 2019

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