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4 Dental Emergencies and How You Can Help Yourself Before Getting to the Dentist

Have you run into a dental emergency? Perhaps you are wondering “what is a dental emergency?” Maybe you are unsure what to do in should this type of dental situation arise.

A dental emergency is a situation causing you extreme pain, or sudden sensitivity requiring a dentist’s help right away. What are some common dental emergencies and what can you do when they occur?

Stuck Objects

Do you have something stuck between your teeth or in your gums that you just can’t seem to get out? You have tried dental floss and thoroughly brushed but nothing is working. The longer this substance stays in your mouth, the more pain it causes due to swelling and pressure. Ouch!

You could need emergency dental treatment. Calling your dentist as soon as you know you cannot remedy the situation yourself is the first line of defence. You might be able to wait until the next day, but if the pain is extreme it’s time to get to the dentist, fast. The dentist will be able to see anything lodged deep inside your gums and can carefully remove whatever is causing you pain. Feel relief? That is because you went to your dentist when you noticed something was wrong.


Do you have a hard-swollen area under your gums? Perhaps there is a visible build-up of yellow or white pus coming from your gums. These are signs of an abscess and require immediate dental help. What is an abscess? An infection in the root of your tooth or space between your gums and teeth.

An abscess should never be left untreated as it can spread to other parts of your body and cause health complications. Along with calling your dentist for emergency treatment, try rinsing the area with salt water to ease the pain you are feeling. Your dentist will determine where the abscess is, possibly drain it to relieve the pressure, and if necessary, write a prescription, to help your body fight off the infection.

Lost Crown

Have you had dental work in the past and now the crown covering your old tooth has fallen off? You need to call your dentist for emergency dental work. Why is this so crucial? Your crown was acting as a shield, protecting your tooth from infection, sensitivity, and cracking. Now that the crown is gone, you are left in the middle of the battlefield without your shield.

Try using some clove oil on your sensitive zone to help ease the pain before your dentist can take a look at the issue and fix it.

Broken Orthodontics

Let’s talk about orthodontic work…if you have braces and any part of them breaks, it’s time to see your dentist for an emergency dental procedure. A wire or bracket that sticks out where it shouldn’t cut your cheeks and gums. Broken orthodontics prevent them from doing their job of aligning your teeth. Broken braces need repairs right away to keep the alignment of your teeth on the right track!

Instead of dealing with the pain, try using something to gently push the broken piece into a more comfortable position while you call the dentist for an emergency visit. Never, ever cut the wire as you could choke on it when it breaks off in your mouth.

Take charge of your negative situation and get emergency dental services right away. Stoney Trail Dental has emergency dental available for whatever your concern is. Keep your oral cavity-free from pain with proper dental treatment from dentists who care about you.


Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a Registered Dentist on October 25, 2019

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