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3 Simple Ways to Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

Oral health is essential to your child’s overall health. But unfortunately, many parents struggle to get their little ones to adopt healthy oral habits. To protect your child’s oral health, they need the proper dental hygiene practices. And with February being National Children’s Dental Health Month, what better time than now to encourage these oral health habits? 

At Stoney Trail Dental, we are your pediatric dentist in Calgary. And in this post, we’re exploring three simple activities for your kids to celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month. Keep reading to learn more.

3 Easy Activities for National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children's Dental Health Month. This month-long dental health celebration gathers thousands of devoted healthcare providers and dental professionals to promote the advantages of good oral health to children, parents, teachers, etc. 

And while it is a national observance, there are numerous steps you can take with your children to commemorate this tradition. Here are 3 easy activities to help promote National Children’s Dental Health Month:

  1. Let others know: As a parent, you could organize an event at your child’s elementary school to spread awareness. This process gets other parents (and the community at large) involved in promoting the importance of oral health for children.
  2. Start a crafts project with the child: There are many fun and exciting things to do for National Children's Dental Health Month. Consider downloading puzzles, filling out colouring pages, or starting a crafts project with your child to commemorate the occasion.
  3. Practice good oral hygiene together: Create an oral health routine with your child. Start brushing and flossing together regularly and make it a part of your daily activities. After all, children learn more from your example than anything else. 

Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month

It’s easy to become consumed by the busyness of life, even for kids. Therefore, National Children’s Dental Health Month is an opportunity to remember the importance of your child’s oral health. As a result, you can help your little ones stay on top of their healthy dental habits. At Stoney Trail Dental, we are your trusted pediatric dentist in Calgary.

We also provide numerous dental services for children and adults to meet your oral health needs. Contact us today to book an appointment.  



Medically reviewed by Dr. Gurshant Grewal - a registered dentist on February 1, 2023

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